Recent Laws

Catholic Emancipation Act 1829 – Involved reducing and removing many of the restrictions on Roman Catholics introduced by the Act of Uniformity, the Test Acts and the penal laws.

The Great Reform Act 1832 – The middle classes now vote and many old corrupt constituencies have gone.

The Slavery Abolition act passed 1833 – The end of the official slave trade throughout the empire – except the East India Company, Ceylon and St Helena. After that date Britain was often arguing with the USA slave runners. The Royal Navy loved anti-slavery work, small ship actions, doing good, fevers and promotion.

Poor Law Amendment Act 1834 – Three years ago the parishes started handing over poor law to the Poor Law Unions which run workhouses. So now it is a nightmare muddle of beadles, inspectors, inheritors, observers and such like. (Think Oliver for the aim of the reform)

Reform and “progress” were in the air – along with smoke and stinks. The working out of the detail of reform and the passive resistance was everywhere.

Recent Laws

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