Nell 'Little Nell' Trent

Plainly dressed young woman, and a bit pale.


A young woman who runs a shonky shop, sells on odds and ends particularly previously used clothing, on Witherspoon Court.


She seems overly cautious and lacking in trust towards men, apart from the notable exception of the gentleman known as ‘Pip’.

Her first contact with the party is through a crudely formed notice that gets blown onto the doss house window by a passing dust devil.

When contacted she acts as a middle man between the party and an unknown benefactor willing to pay handsomely for shards of a strange reddish metal.

Benefactor or another agent appears to be upstairs from her store, could possibly be a family member, she transfers the first metal shard upwards via the use of a dumb waiter.

Appears to be suffering from tuberculosis and prepares an excessive amount of tea.

Nell 'Little Nell' Trent

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