George Pierre Montague Scott



  • Scottish lawyer, author, gentleman, & demon binder (High concept)
  • Partially possessed by a hostile succubus (Trouble)
  • Waste not want not
  • I’ve read about this!


Specialist (Occult)

+2 on rolls relating to the occult, demons, supernatural lore, ceremonial magic, and so on.

Advocate’s Swagger

Use Lore instead of Provoke when intimidating via legalese.

Attention to Detail

Use Investigate instead of Notice or Empathy when there is plenty of time to think.


Great (+4)


Good (+2)

Investigate, Will

Fair (+2)

Contacts, Rapport, Resources

Average (+1)

Athletics & Physique, Deceive, Empathy, Stealth


Physical: 3
Mental: 4

Ceremonial Demon Summoning (Extra)

Demons can be evoked (caused to appear in their own form) and invoked (caused to possess a person or object). The only power that their summoners have over them, apart from the ability to summon and banish them in the first place, is that of restraint: a demon summoned inside a magic circle cannot leave it until it is rubbed out.

Most demons long to walk the Earth (life on the Other Side is not pleasant) and so will readily enter into contracts with magicians, agreeing to perform myriad services in exchange for keeping them around. Demons will usually negotiate contracts as much towards their favour as possible – e.g. the right to drink a vial of their master’s blood on the full moon – and will always, always try to find a way to get out of their side of the bargain through legalistic loopholes. A single misplaced comma could bring about the death of a summoner. Sometimes demons are outright insolent or destructive; and sometimes they only pretend to be bound, working against their master in a pernicious, subtle fashion, or just biding their time for the right moment to make a big power play…

George’s grimoire is The Book of Shadows, a medieval Scottish text which lists hundreds of demons alongside notes on their particular powers and proclivities. The book is old and eccentric, so often the information it contains is slightly inaccurate.


George Pierre Montague Scott

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