Vice And Virtue

WIP: The Case of the Unusual Fishing Trip

At the behest of Pip we offered to assist a launch captain with a bit of corpse fishing. Sounded simple enough.

The Gambling Debt

The group had some downtime before the expected rendezvous, so they decided to further investigate Nell and her circumstances.

It is discovered that a rather senescent gentleman who revealed himself to be Nell’s grandfather. There was also notably no sign of a dumbwaiter on the upper floor, nor space for one.

Nell’s grandfather apparently has a rather severe phobia of lawyers, where the mere mention of the profession was enough to lay him low. After Dr Isaac was able to restore him to his faculties the group discovered the reason for his ill ease, a rather unpleasant gentleman known as Mr Quilp.

Nell’s grandfather fell foul of a poorly planned gambling scheme while trying to secure money for Nell’s dowry. This resulted in a large debt to Mr Quilp to the sum of £350.

This has forced them into hiding, the alternative being the grandfather being sent to prison and Nell becoming a ward of the court under Mr Quilp’s care.

Mr Quilp currently occupies The Old Curiosity Shop pending judgement in chancery against Nell’s grandfather. There have been rumours that Mrs Quilp is due to suffer an accident leaving Mr Quilp looking for a bride.

On the other hand, Nell’s brother John wants to marry Nell off to his friend who will pass the shop over to him.

The group now need to identify a means to rescue Nell and her grandfather from their debt, freeing Nell to marry Pip when the time comes.

Late Night Fishing

Later the group gathered at the launch to aid the captain in his work. There they noticed two manned vessels moored up on either side of the river. No doubt lying in wait to snare any corpses the launch discovered. The decision was made to warn them off, with one of them being threatened with ‘lacking proper corpse fishing licences’ and the other being outmaneuvered en route.

The captain we were assisting remarked how he had received several dream visions about a woman in the river and how he would need to collect her. Initially there were queries about his state of mind, however he did indeed find a female corpse matching the description he gave.

Upon collection of the corpse Dr Isaac performed a post mortem and discovered signs of foul play, namely blunt trauma to the back of the head, a slit throat, stones in her pockets and all identifying items removed.

Meanwhile the ponderous George apparently had a mental lapse and exposed himself off the bow. Thankfully Evie was on hand to restrain him. The engineer also has a vision as this transpires.

Their next stop was the residence of a local coroner, who upon receiving the information about the woman’s fate gave them a week to find information regarding the culprit. Unless identified a murder case will not be raised and she goes into an unconsecrated pauper grave.

Outside it transpires that Mr Quilp’s chandlery is across the lane and there is a brief verbal bout between Quilp’s “boy” and Pip, brought to a sudden end by Evie’s flintlock. The boy was Shot in the Leg and starts bleeding. Evie vanishes into the night on horseback.

Come to investigate the gunshot, Dr Isaac managed to stabilise the boy’s injuries and accompanied him to the hospital. With better facilities he then goes on to save the boy’s life.

The Case of the Crimson Shard
or How We Vandalised the Houses of Partliament

The group convened in the early morning at Mrs Arbuthnott’s, as some were staying there, while the doctor and highwaylady were in the vicinity at the time.

George and Isaac noticed a strange whirlwind in the street outside and shortly after a crudely assembled notice was pressed against the exterior window. The notice requested individuals of a flexible morality proceed to a shop in Witherspoon Court, and inquire with Nell the shop’s operator.

After passing the information on to the less observant members of the group, they all finished their morning meal and proceeded to Witherspoon Court to see if the matter was worth investigating.

Finding the specific shop, they encountered the shopkeep Ms Nell, and over a spot of tea an offer was made with significant recompense for a relatively straightforward task for her patron Mr Box.

For a reward of £5 they would need to recover a peculiar reddish metal fragment that was somewhere in the city. They were provided with a strange golden filigree compass with which to locate the item.

The group set off led by the compass, which eventually led them to the recently renovated Houses of Parliament. The shard was somewhere within.

Due to their social standing the majority of the group was able to simply enter the building due to a rather trusting guard, while the highwaylady had to find an alternate route. She eventually found an alternate entrance and made her way into the servants’ passages.

Within the group began to explore the parts of the building they had access to with the occasional gentle inquiry in order to narrow down the possible location of the shard.

The regular party members were able to narrow the location down to a slab of sandstone in a particular gentlemen’s lavatory, meanwhile the highwaylady broke into the wine cellar and stole several bottles of expensive beverage.

George decided to try and fake a work order to try and extract the shard, and while he was absent Dr Isaac created a chemical stench to clear the room and proceeded to carefully extract the shard. Outside Maria stood watch and acted as both lookout and potential distraction.

It turned out that the only material that could hold the metal was the sandstone it was imbedded in, so Isaac pinned it between two flakes and carefully removed it from the room just as George was returning.

George provided an unplanned distraction which allowed Isaac and Maria to slip away, only to rejoin them later. Collectively they located their remaining companion and made their way back to Nell’s shop for their reward.

There was a brief stop at a gin hole to examine the metal fragment further before it was delivered as promised and their pay received. Second course of tea provided, some group members declined.

The stone with the metal fragments was winched up the dumb waiter and a bag of old currency of various denominations was lowered down.

George unintentionally harassed Nell’s paramour Pip thinking he was the young lady’s benefactor however this was soon proven incorrect.

More tea was provided, most of the party left to sudden upswing in awkward sexual tension. The highwaylady tried to hide and eavesdrop but was apparently given away by someone else.

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